Please join us for the opening of the final exhibition of the Bachelor students of the Department of Graphic Design of Estonian Academy of Arts.


Opening on October 28, at 6 pm
Exhibition dates: October 29 – November 20
Myymälä2 Gallery, Uudenmaankatu 23 F, Helsinki
Gallery open: Wednesday till Saturday 12:00–18:00, Sunday 12:00–17:00

Works presented at the exhibition are the final projects by the recent graduates of EAA’s Department of Graphic Design. Among other works the following projects will be displayed: visual identity for the Open Day of EAA, study on reproducing artworks as souvenirs, Knock! Knock! Books – publishing as a fictional practice, book about the underworld in Tallinn during the 90s, font drawn in Google Maps, discussions questioning the meaning of contemporary graphic design, personal insight to the Finnish open prison system and much more.

The exhibition was first presented at the Gallery of Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn during June 2 – June 22, 2016. 15 young designers are participating in the exhibition: Laura Herma, Johann Kabonen, Ott Kagovere, Maria Kesküla, Henri Kutsar, Else Mare Lagerspetz, Henno Luts, Maria Muuk, Harles Neljand, Andree Paat, Maren Poel, Juuso Veikko Siltanen, Anne Loore Sundja, Aimur Takk and Iida Kaisa Urm.

The final projects have been supervised by the lecturers of the Department of Graphic Design: Ranno Ait, Mikk Heinsoo, Carl-Robert Kagge, Norman Orro, Brit Pavelson, Indrek Sirkel, Nora Särak, Laura Toots and Kerli Virk.

During the opening Knock! Knock! Books will present their new publication "Knock! Knock! Books. Notes, Memories, and Fictional Accounts of the Published Works".

During Saturday, October 29, there will be an accompanying programme in the gallery space introducing both EAA’s Department of Graphic Design as well as some of the exhibited projects individually.

GD16 SHOW – talks and presentations
Saturday 29th of October

12:00 Indrek Sirkel – introduction to the Bachelor degree studies at the Department of Graphic Design at EAA
12:20 Keit Ein – introduction to the Master degree programme of Interaction Design at EAA

Presentations of graduation works
12:40 Else Lagerspetz – “Socks, Mugs and a Chocolate Frame”
12:55 Iida Kaisa Urm – “The original visual identity of GD16 SHOW”
13:10 Andree Paat – “Font families My Maps Sans and Keynote Sans”
13:25 Juuso Siltanen – “In-between”
13:40 Maria Muuk –”Visual identity for the Open Day and admissions of the Estonian Academy of Arts”
13:55 Aimur Takk – “KalliGro”
14.15 [break]

Open discussion
14:30–15:30 Ott Kagovere & Maria Muuk – Open discussion with Hanna Valle (graphic design student at Aalto, initiator of the online magazine Zelda), Samuli Saarinen (member of the collective GRMMXI) and Arja Karhumaa (graphic designer/researcher/writer, initiator of reading groups with graphic design students at Aalto) about alternative self-initiations, reading and writing in the context of graphic design.

Photo credis:

GD16 SHOW at the Gallery of Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn during June 2 – June 22, 2016.

Photo by Andree Paat.