Mothers’ Sabbath by Julia Krupa

Julia Krupa; Mother's Sabbath








Time: 31.07.2021- 14.08.2021

Mothers’ Sabbath installation consists of a painting made of herbal pigments. Each herb has been harvested by the author. Chosen herbs are those which connect via slavic mythology or herbal practice to women’s reproductive possibilities. Some were believed to increase fertility while other were used by old herbalists in abortion practice. The war on Polish women’s reproductive rights, wich became a witch-hunt, is an issue of high importance for Polish and European feminists. But there also is a war on Earths fertility – plants are put in rows and sprayed with chemicals to increase incomes. We dig into our Mothers womb for coal  and other minerals. Women and Nature are burning on the same stake.


Julia Krupa– born 1997, Warsaw. Student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Faculty of Painting. Co-founder of the student gallery 3/4. Member of the artistic collective Kinowa. Conducting author’s classes of deepening the relationship with Nature through an artistic herbal practice called “Chwaściarnia” in the Autonomous Educational Space in Jazdów. Artist and curator who implements the ideas of ecofeminism in her work.

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