Sound Flavor [cancelled]

Unfortunately event has been cancelled. We are sorry for the inconvinience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Sound Flavor is a solo performance by Aleksandra Nowakowska.
“I asked myself the following questions:
How to enter space with my voice?
How many different colors can I create with my voice?
How to tell a story with the sounds of the dancing body?
What sounds can the body produce during the dance?
In what circumstances would the sound come to us best?
How the dancing body sounds can correspond with the voice?
I want to focus on the musical layer of dance – simple activities like breathing, falling, tapping
the floor – and to play with my voice, experiment with the voice.
By using the idea of chance and coincidence I will make choices determining the
Aleksandra Nowakowska has graduated from Dance Theatre Department in Bytom. In her creation she looks for the line between everyday life and theatre, searching for the new form of ritual from the sociological point of view. In the last years she became more and more interested in documentary theatre and dance theatre. From that she develops her interest in “biały śpiew” (specific kind of traditional singing common mostly in slavic cultures) and the folk music as an opportunity to improvise with rhythm in song and dance. She is passionate about the concept of Memory and Space.