Building A Passport Exhibition by Fjolla Hoxha

Building a passport exhibition

 8.09.2021- 19.09.2021

On August 26th in Myymälä2, within the Relational Art Week (RAW) event, Kosovar performance artist and writer Fjolla Hoxha performed ‘Building a Passport Exhibition’. A live durational, willfully participatory, and minimally narrative performance that entailed bureaucratic, anachronistic and construction objects. A performance about accommodating a disciplined body with a displaced sense of belonging.
The artist returns to the gallery to build a process wall from the outcomes of the performance.
If you wish to offer help, accompany or have a discussion with Fjolla during the construction of her exhibition, you are welcome to join on Wednesday, starting at 14:30 or come to see the outcomes at 16:00.