Process Wall: Free Female Power by Lalula Vivenzi 9.8.-20.8.2023


Free Female Power
By Lalula Vivenzi
OPENING 10.08 18:00

“Free Female Power” is a multimedia artistic project that uses mandalas and fractals to create artistic representations of powerful women and promote awareness against gender violence. The project includes various aesthetic proposals such as the creation of a thousand pieces of digital collage as NFT, prints, and collective performances inspired by sacred geometry. The project at Myymälä2 is to create a sample of 100 digital pieces and create a collective collage mandala homaging the images of inspirational and iconic women. 

“Free Female Power” is a project that was born in 2013 from Vivenzi’s interest in “mandalas” as a therapeutic method. Someone had recommended to her explore and research this ancestral artistic genre, and in that study process, she discovered great ancestral wisdom and symbolism that is part of the traditional medicine of many cultures worldwide.

Vivenzi also began to explore fractals, which are closely related to mandalas in a more scientific and mathematical way, they are also artistic representations of the self and the universe, with a deep spiritual connotation, while fractals are found naturally and organically, and their mathematical configurations are used in science and technology. These sacred geometric shapes reveal the mysteries of the universe, and we are all a part of them.

The Artist

Lalula Vivenzi is a multimedia artist whose dynamic practice combines art and activism in order to unleash the creative power of the arts to advocate gender equality and awareness against gender-based violence. Recent solo exhibitions include: “Free Female Power” at Rara Art Residence, Malaga, Spain (2022) and Group exhibitions: “The body that I live”, Spazio Betti, Fermo, Italy. (2023); “Coded Icon”, The Holy Art, London, (2022); “Telefoto”, Gallery Elvira Moreno, Bogota. Colombia, (2022); “Festival Connection” Mattatoio, Rome, Italy (2019). She has been featured in the book: “The Solitary Body, Self-portrait in Contemporary Photography”, Volume III, by Giorgio Bonomi (2022). Her career recognitions include Winner of Best Photography at the 25th Medfilm Festival, Rome, Italy, (2019) and being shortlisted for The Luxembourg Art Prize, Hervé Lancelin Gallery, Luxembourg, (2017). She lives and works in Alba Adriatica, Italy. 

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