Zero Line performance by Maryna Semenkova 29.10.2023 16.00-17.00


Performance Zero Line
by Maryna Semenkova (UA / DE)
Sunday 29 October at 16:00
Myymälä2 pop up gallery at Bock House on Katariinankatu 4 (Senaatintori)

This project, an extension of RED UTOPIA in Munich, explores the Russian Empire’s collapse 100 years ago, leading to Finland’s independence during the October Revolution. Finland, now independent for 105 years, faces potential danger due to Russian Federation’s aggressive policies. Though the Russian Empire and Soviet Union have vanished, their influence remains. Amid Russian aggression in Ukraine, accusations against Finland for inadequate military support arise. Finnish Chief of Defense Nurmi emphasizes the need to prioritize Finland’s defense. Maryna, inspired by a Ukrainian refugee she met in Arles, France, shares the woman’s story of fleeing Ukraine after her son joined the military. Despite their distance, they remained in touch. Tragically, the son’s death on the Ukrainian frontline devastated Alina. Maryna offered support, encouraging her to share her feelings through audio messages. The concept of the Zero Line, symbolizing Finland’s proximity to Russia, resonates with Maryna, emphasizing Finland’s front-line state status.

Maryna Semenkova (b.1983) is a socially-engaged multimedia artist and researcher from Odessa, Ukraine, who uses photography and performance as her main mediums. Her exhibition journey began with her solo photo exhibition India: the reportage in Rishikesh, India, in 2014. In 2018, Maryna presented her performance 63 Meters at the Noise Art Festival in Odessa, Ukraine. The year 2020 saw her participation in three group exhibitions, featuring her performances No Name, Fat, and Dream in Odessa, Ukraine. Applying the collage principle, Maryna “cuts reality into fragments” while including herself in much of her artistic practices when self-reflection has become a way of connecting with collective memory.
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