Microtonal Music Studios talk by Dylan Rodgers: Tuning and Temperaments: Theory, Praxis and Problems

Dylan Rodgers talkSunday 10th of December at 18.00

Dylan Rodgers presents his talk Tunings and Temperaments: Theory, Praxis and Problems as part of the Microtonal Music Studios Research and Study Programme.
The presentation will be held at Myymälä2, Uudenmaankatu 23F, 00120 Helsinki.
Everyone is welcome!


Tuning and Temperaments: Theory, Praxis and Problems

Demystify the world of musical tuning and temperament in this presentation, as we trace the evolution of Western tuning systems from the era of Pythagoras through today. This exploration begins with a thorough look at the intricate history of tuning and temperament, unraveling the cultural and mathematical foundations which have shaped musical expression across various eras. A critical examination of 12-tone equal temperament will shed light on its inherent compromises and limitations, revealing the subtle nuances of historical performance which have been lost in the pursuit of a universal temperament. Finally, we will glimpse into the realm of just intonation, examining the ways in which pure musical intervals are realized in performance across various cultures from around the world; the focus of this will be to demonstrate the many instances in which pure intonation is realized in practice versus predominant theory.

Dylan Rodgers is a recent graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Ethnomusicology program. Throughout his studies of various global musical traditions, Dylan has remained an avid composer and sonic experimentalist. As a multi-instrumentalist, Dylan performs regularly on the guitar, oud, saz, drums and synthesizers. Situating himself at the intersection between the traditional and the experimental, Dylan’s work draws upon aspects of rock, folk, classical and electronic musics. Since 2020, his research and experimentation has primarily been centered around the consolidation of microtonality and guitar performance. Presently, Dylan is researching the presence of just intonation in various global music traditions.


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