What do you know about the clothes you are wearing? How often do you buy brand new clothes? Where are clothes made and at what price?

Lizette Åkerberg (b. 1987) has her first exhibition at gallery Myymälä2 on Uudenmaankatu 23 in Helsinki this summer, starting on June 4th. The exhibition shows how an old curtain or flea market dress can become a fabulous gown. “Recycled Wonderland” is a clothing line for women made from recycled materials. The materials for the garments are second hand clothes and household textiles that have been tailored and sewn in to a new, unique, beautiful shape.The collection and exhibition is Lizette Åkerberg’s response to today’s garment industry, the throwaway culture and has emerged over the past year. The exhibition aims to inspire a new way of thinking, help raising awareness of recycling and show how creativity can stop an old material from ending up in the trash can.