Myymälä2 invites artists to participate in public thinking through its process wall. Process Wall is for premature and process based art projects. The wall is situated in the caffe of the gallery and is available to use by an ongoing open proposal for shorter periods. The aim of the wall is to think publicly and also show the process of making works outside of online media platforms. Thus creating points of engagement that grind the process itself through the critical art viewer.

We hope that processes on the wall overlap, merge and cover each other. They can also be singular and have a clear beginning and ending.

If you are interested in working on the process wall please send a free proposal to: info (at)



04.07.2018 – ongoing – Zico Ahmed, Hami Bahadori & Timo Tuhkanen: Artist’s Neutrality Has To Be Overcome

09. – 16.05.2018 –  Art School Maa 1st year students: Process Wall exhibition

02. – 10.6.2018 – Melody Jane: Making recycled thoughts