Night of the Arts: Meminisse: Memory and Art in the Basque Country (Part 2)


Meminisse: Art and Memory in the Basque Country

23.8.2018 at 21:30 – 22:30

Planet Suvilahti: Garage

Kaasutehtaankatu 7, Helsinki

Meminisse Remember. A friend has returned from Barcelona where he has lived for 15 years to visit his mother who lives in Bilbao. This 75-year-old woman is losing her memory. She still keeps the memory of the past events, but she forgets as a whole what has just happened. They have sent her to a session of memory exercises. These cases are becoming more frequent every day. Life expectancy is around 80 years and with age we lose our memory. It is more accurate to say that it is harder for us to fix things in our memory. When memory fails when we find ourselves naked in front of the world. We think that things are not complete, we are disoriented. It is for this and naturally to improve our capabilities that we use technical or technological memories. Since ancient times man is looking for systems to preserve memories. Plato spoke against writing-as a system of preserving memory-because he thought it would end intelligence. If it were not for the writing, its “intelligent” assessments would hardly have reached our days.

This journey includes conference and an exhibition about performance, experimental video and graphic arts show on the street. The theme of the exhibition is memory and through these artists we will see different ways of approaching it.


Baseline (Pilar Baizán), Juan Mardaras, Alberto Lomas & Jessica Llorente, Ignacio Sáez, Ismael Iglesias, Andoni Euba, Mawatres,


Txema Agiriano

Program of performances and screenings:

Alberto Lomas & Jessica Llorente. “This is (not) a tribute”. Performance on video.
Baseline. Pilar Baizán. “Remember” (Noise performance)
Ismael Iglesias.“Sequence”. Video.
Ignacio Sáez “How to get out of this school”. Video.
Juan Mardaras. “Buildings” (Noise performance)