Night of the Arts 2019

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Thursday 15.08.2019 from 17:30 to 20:30

Relational Figures opens day 15.8 with the performances of UtoUto, Shinji Kanki, and Marta Moreno Muñoz.

– UtoUto will present their new performative and installation work Fragmentation, realized in collaboration with different visual and sound artists.

– Shinji Kanki will perform his newest work, especially created for this event: Addio, il Castrato! a composition in 3 movements, a prologue and an intermezzo.

– Marta Moreno Muñoz will present her new performance titled Collapse, based on her work with the Extinction Rebellion movement.

The evening program, suited for the enjoyment of the general public, is offered as a moment of intimacy and suspension, and it reserves interesting surprises for the connoisseurs too.

Relational Figures is a group exhibition featuring the works of artists wishing to start a relation with Myymälä2 gallery, and it will last until 8.9.

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Night of the Arts



Marta Moreno Muñoz is a performance and video artist with a background in experimental theatre and other time-based arts. Her work has focused predominantly on “feminine” subjectivity, dissolution of the ego and the notion of pre-oedipal nostalgia in response to a patriarchal and undesirable reality. She is at present in a transitional stage, shifting towards the conceptualization of larger-scale projects exploring the complex interchange between performance art and the cinematic language. Marta Moreno has lived, produced and engaged in artistic works in Spain, UK, Turkey, India, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore, The Philippines. Currently based in Granada, she is working on personal art projects, researching for her PhD thesis “Art as an Experience of Dissolution of the Self” and directing The Unifiedfield, a nomadic artist-run organization focusing on the experimental aspects of sound, video and performance art.

Shinji Kanki is a Japanese composer based in Finland since 1984. He works in the field of experimental music composition and received the Finland State prize in 2015. He studied music composition and computer music in Hiroshima University, Tokyo Music University and Royal Academy of Music Stockholm. During his study period he won the New York international tape music competition 1979 and wrote MS-DOS Handbook, the first Japanese book on PC operating system 1983. He has been teaching at Sibelius Academy, Academy of Fine Arts, Theatre Academy and Lapland University, and at various art academies and universities in EU countries, in the US and in Japan. He teaches currently at The Art School MAA and at Aalto University where he has been an honorary Fellow since 2016.

UtoUto is a theatre duo of Katia Shklyar (RUS) and Anna Olkinuora (FIN) formed in Helsinki in the end of 2016. UtoUto explores ideas and concepts in-between borderlines, cultures and styles, combining physical theatre, butoh dance, spoken word and performance art.  The duo collaborates with artists of different fields to create interdisciplinary performances, live installations and experiences. In addition, UtoUto leads movement and theatre workshops and work with multicultural and feminist art projects.
For Myymälä2 UtoUto presents the third part of UtoUto’s BODY trilogy: My Body. My Rebellion. The show takes over the gallery’s space for five days with multidisciplinary performances, community gatherings and an eclectic mix of visual and sound arts. My Body. My Rebellion explores what happens when the individual body rebellions start taking shape and find their way to the communal. The show is developed and produced by UtoUto and Laura Weber, with site-specific installations by Virpi Velin and Erika De Martino.