Aarni 13’s Birdhouse – “Beaver Fever” album release


“Beaver Fever” album release, live streaming & performance.
28.5.2021, 18-20.00 Myymälä2, Uudenmaankatu 23, Helsinki

“Beaver Fever” is the soundtrack from a lost spaghetti western movie.
It starts and ends with a song and a sound collage based on the Siouxie Indians’ war dance.
After the Indians’ attack is over, we find ourselves in a wild West saloon, where piano boogie is turning into rock and roll.
“Beaver Fever” is a collection of songs that don’t fit into Harlots of Beyond, Aarni’s main project since 1984, which is described as dark post punk or gothic horror rock.
This album is mostly born from his first guitar influence, traditional rock’n’roll.
Long before rocket scientists in Soviet Union invented psychobilly, in 1970’s Finland rock’n’roll was turned into a form of “Hurriganes” and peg-legged 50’s retro rock-a-billy.
But pocket warm vodka won’t make us forget our European folk roots, so the old pirate song “Flying Dutchman” is thrown to the gambling table before all the lost souls tormented by “Beaver Fever” are saved by the funky gospel of “Could It Be A Rock?”.
The story of the “Good Samaritan” told differently and how it really was.

(Songs from “Beaver Fever” will be performed during a live streaming concert at Myymälä2)

2.“New Baby”
3.“Talking Vegetable”
4.“Noise of Guns”
5.“Flying Dutchman”
6.“Could It be A Rock?”
7.“Beaver Fever”
8.“War Dance”

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