self-portrait as a thumb piano

Huge Sillytoe will perform in Myymälä2 saturday 4.9 at 18:00.
Huge Sillytoe is a large and daft toe. They are also a multidisciplinary performance artist/activist and (auto)ethnographic researcher who proposes their actions and other works as explorations of their artistic-political philosophy of pragmatic absurdo-anarchism.
Transmogrifying into a full human body, amongst other forms, Huge Sillytoe creates performances using masks, puppets, musical instruments, and interactive sculptures often built from found and reclaimed materials. Harnessing their unique artistic position as a shape-shifting oversized and foolish toe, they seek to create work that challenges normative perceptions of ‘sense’ and undermines associated power/knowledge hierarchies. In this way they hope to help toe open the pathway to a stranger and fairer world.

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