Communication: Suva & Eero Savela














On the 4th of September, Sunday starting at Klo 18:00, Myymälä2 Gallery is hosting a presentation of conversation and listening session based on Suva’s and Eero Savela’s sound art project Communication that was aired in YLE AREENA Radio 1. The sound Art project is produced by Soila Valakama and mastered by Anders Wiksten. The program is available as well for listening here.

The session starts with an introduction of their self made instruments and a short duet performance by Eero and Suva.
This will be followed soon by a conversation moderated by Timo Tuhkanen with the Musicians Eero and Suva on their journey towards making this Sound Artscape.
The session will end with the listening of the piece – Communication to experience the vivid form and factors through the gallery speaker!
The project “Communication” evolved as a collaboration from cultural visions beyond the lingual territory concentrating on merging the sounds and experiences of diverse cultures. In our project we approached the way where the anatomy of sound appears to differ from both the regular understanding and observation of how sound art is perceived in a die-hard frame and also in the traditional sense of conceiving music. If we have to give this concept a philosophical costume, we come across terms like anti-thesis, thesis and synthesis. Therefore our creation appeared to be a cohesive synthesis of both the paths with a combination that will tend to form inventive stories for the listener.

Our attempt was also to explore more of the organic area with the least effects possible. There are the touches of rhymed rhythms, percussion appearing like poetic blank verse, vocal dynamics – voice as instruments and ether like feelings with instrument sculptures. The purpose in this project is to form the sound from self-made instruments which are not in the shape and structure of conventional look of the body of instruments. The use of known instruments like drums and trumpet, those were only to fill up certain layers to give some supporting chrome to the sound form.

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