Ukrainian experimental video program

My Grandfather’s skin 2Ukrainian experimental video program hosted by Myymälä2 and Alex Stoyanov.

Trauma: past and present. A program of experimental videos related to the topic of historical trauma and its overcoming. Ukrainian democracy is young, its institutions are built on a complex political background and traumatic experiences. These films are about how modern Ukrainian artists reflect on the topic of Soviet trauma, make sense of the past and the present.


Yevhen Korshunov ‘The incidents in the Sinapsids family’, 2021, 13.24 min

Yana Bachynska ‘My Grandfather’s skin’, 2020, 4.45 min

Alex Stoyanov ‘They saw Stalin’, 2022, 15.00 min

Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey ‘So They Won’t Say We Don’t Remember’, 2020, 25 min