A bloody messJacob “Jacke” Ovgren (born 1990) is a raging drawoholic from Malmö, Sweden. His work is a reflection of the things he sees in the twisted world we live in. In a morbid yet humourus way he comments on the present. His drawings will sting, bite and sometimes eat you up. In this fast food nation of ours, Jacke ́s burgers and fries eat people alive and not the other way around. Babies carry guns and vegetables are your worst enemies. These are scary objects, but then again, these are scary times.The inspiration comes from endless journeys through the city, often on a skateboard. Ideas pass through his mind onto his sharp pen into one of the notebooks that he always carries with him. Sketching up ideas instantly only to spend nights and days fuled by ridiculous amounts of coffee perfecting them into minute paintings that each tells a story. Sometimes obvious and sometimes very intricate. They usually end up under skateboards, on walls, shoes, his own or other people ́s skin, in his fanzine Puff and from time to time in galleries. The work process can be compared to the making of a juice: Jacke takes his idea and puts it in a blender with his influences from graffiti, fantasy; downloaded sounds from outer space and everything that has to do with Viking swords. He pours the juice into a sharpie and out comes the work you are about to witness.Or as Jacke puts it himself:

“Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad.
But most of the time it ́s a bloody mess. Period.”

words by: John Dahlquist