Copenhagen Blow Up 

A show curated by V1 Gallery, Copenhagen.

V1 presents some of the freshest talents on the contemporary Copenhagen art scene.

Kasper Sonne (1974)
Kasper has a bold and energetic visual style. He works with themes that are close to his heart and mind. He uses different materials and methods, canvases, post it notes, mirrors and installation related elements, anything goes as long as it suits the cause. He often works with issues concerning power and fame, at Myymala2 his works will be centered around a true generation legend. Kasper Sonne has exhibited in various galleries in Denmark and is represented in several art collections.

Ulrik Crone (1964)
Ulrik’s art mixes different materials to create a unique expression: painting, photo, prints, airbrush, computer prints, and installation elements all fuse in his work.
From his punked perspective Ulrik Crone comments and questions the structure and rules of our society. In his most recent solo exhibition, Disintegration, Ulrik focused on being outside ”normal society” for example as a criminal with clear symbolic references to the artist role in society. He has exhibited in various cities around Europe and is represented in various art collections.

HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName) (1975)
Has become a Copenhagen legend over the last couple of years and is now spreading his unique style to the rest of the world. HuskMitNavn started out by fly posting his art on the streets of Copenhagen, peculiar poster campaigns with dual messages commenting or contemplating everything from saying ”no to yes to war” and the size of penises in the winter. HuskMitNavn often creates site-specific works, commenting on the context of where his work is displayed. HuskMitNavn has exhibited in various cities around Europe in both galleries, group exhibitions and on the streets and is represented in several art collections.

V1 Gallery (2002)
Founded in 2002 as an alternative space on the Copenhagen art scene, V1 has hosted some of the most talked about exhibitions in Copenhagen over the last couple of years. V1 has become synonymous with an energetic Danish and international art scene. Hosting and representing people like: Kasper Sonne, Ulrik Crone, Faile, Peter Funch, Banksy, HuskMitNavn, Thomas ÿvlisen, Shepard Fairey, Faile, Nina Beier, Wes Lang, Annika Lori, Chris Lindig, Troels Carlsen, Michele Abeles and many more.

Copenhagen Blow Up is supported by The Danish Arts Council /The Committee for International Visual Art. Thank You.