UtoUto: My Body. My Rebellion.    

Vernissage / Avajaiset 14.08.2019 at 19:00

14 – 18 August 2019

We are happy to announce the third part of UtoUto’s BODY trilogy: My Body. My Rebellion.
Several actions will take place every day from 14.08 to 18.08., you are most welcome to join us for a series of multidisciplinary performances, community gatherings and an eclectic mix of visual and sound art. My Body. My Rebellion. explores what happens when the individual body rebellions take shape and find their way to the communal.

The show has been developed and produced by UtoUto with sound artist Laura Weber, and visual artists Virpi Velin and Erika De Martino, in collaboration with Myymälä2.
UtoUto is supported by the Department of Leisure and Culture of Helsinki City and TelepART.


14.8 at 19:00 Ashesa multidisciplinary ensemble performance.
15.8 at 17:30 Fragmentations, The Night of the Arts.
16.8 at 19:00 I’m not sorry, open stage for communal sharing, you may enroll here.
17.8 at 19:00 I ran out of fucks to give, three solos exploring an apologetic state of being and getting over it.
18.8 at 12:00 Rituals and confessions, a day long participatory performance.

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It is a theatre duo of Katia Shklyar (RUS) and Anna Olkinuora (FIN) formed in Helsinki in the end of 2016. UtoUto explores ideas and concepts in-between borderlines, cultures and styles, combining physical theatre, butoh dance, spoken word and performance art.  The duo collaborates with artists of different fields to create interdisciplinary performances, live installations and experiences. In addition, UtoUto leads movement and theatre workshops and work with multicultural and feminist art projects.

Laura Weber
She is a sound artist and illustrator. As sound source, she uses found objects, field recordings and live electronics, which she often combines with her own video works. Her music is experimental and improvised in and for the moment – sometimes scratched and noisy, sometimes dense and droned. She collaborates with international ambient and noise artists, creates sound for physical theatre performances and is part of the Berlin-UK-based collective BLATT 3000.

Virpi Velin
Her artistic work is driven by interest in matter, time and memory and the visual outcome is changing and evolving. Her carrying themes are human made and organic matter, and the pulsating movement between living and non-living forms. The artist uses photography, installation, movement or performance as medium according to the idea. Velin collaborates with artists from different fields of art.

Erika De Martino
Based in Helsinki since 2006, Erika De Martino is a qualified architect and artist combining photography with installations. Through photography she builds spaces. She explores new dynamics of the image perception and interaction by the observer in the space, with a site-specific approach. Unconventional print supports allow her to articulate her works through different layers, suggesting the coexistence of multiple visual levels.