The Story So Far

Kasino’s debut exhibition is a continuation of the Kasino A4 magazine, which launched in December 2005 and is published twice a year. The exhibition is parallel to the magazine, a manifestation of the same concept and brand in a different medium.

First impressions, assumptions, prejudices and their relation to the reality of things are the main themes of the exhibition. It is also a look at a magazine as a work of art. For Kasino a magazine at its uncompromising best is its own artform, which combines various ways of expression.

The material of the exhibition uses the Kasino team’s experiences during the first nine months of the Kasino A4 magazine. These impressions are juxtaposed with a concise, comprehensive history of Kasino A4 so far – but even the history is a compilation of points of view, its reality inevitably only relative. This relation between impression and experience is something familiar from everyday life – when faced with unknown people or things or when unknown to others.

Kasino A4’s concept adapts to various media. An exhibition and a magazine like Kasino A4 are fundamentally about the same thing: communicating thoughts and ideas through a strict visual identity. The exhibition is just as uncompromising and direct as the magazine or anything else Kasino A4 will manifest itself as.

The Kasino A4 exhibition is a visually arresting, thought-provoking and an impressive extension of the media brand called Kasino A4.

Kasino is a four-man creative team behind Kasino A4. The team includes expertise in graphic design, photography, writing and media concepts, and Kasino’s aim is to combine these talents in their projects.

Kasino A4 magazine is a magazine about people, style and thoughts published twice a year and distributed in Finland, France, Japan, the USA, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Australia. The first issue was published in December 2005 and issue #3 is out October 20th, 2006.

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