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25.06 – 12.07.2020

Liminality – Betwixt and Between  //  Outside the Window
Two exhibitions opening 25.6 at 18:00

Myymälä2 is proud to host two exhibition projects:

The group exhibition titled Liminality – Betwixt and Between, with works by: Damián Comas, Paolo Comuzzi, Nicola Fornoni, Igor Imhof, Lorenzo Latrofa, Noa Merlini, Mona Mohagheghi, Marta Palazzo, Beatrice Pucci and Debora Vrizzi, curated by Eva Comuzzi and Orietta Masin.

And the solo exhibition of Spartak Khachanov titled Outside the Window, curated by Ramiro Camelo.

The opening day 25.6 at 18:00 is streamed live and features a performance by Tomasz Szrama.
Live online on Myymälä2 YouTube channel.

Free entrance in the gallery space is coordinated at door accordingly to safety regulations. Only people who will bring their own glass will be served wine.

The program of Myymälä2 is supported by the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Department, and by Arts Promotion Center Finland.


Liminality – Betwixt and Between is the title of the 15th Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Cervignano del Friuli, Italy. This year’s edition was born out of important changes due to the global crisis facing us. In the words of Curators Eva Comuzzi and Orietta Masin:

“Borrowed from the French anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep (1873 – 1957) and developed further in The Anthropology of Performance by the British anthropologist Victor Turner (1920 – 1983), the term liminality indicates an area of margin and border, an antechamber of the passage to new social and cultural aggregations. In this way, it is an existential moment experienced by a community which emerges from an emotionally intense series of events attributed to ritual action. In fact, the concept of liminality is central to grasping the importance of ritual processes and the transformations they trigger. Rituals are effective and often mandatory performances which serve to strengthen the bonds of community membership. In rites of passage the condition of liminality concerns the phase of transition when a person is between an already acquired structure and a new structure, not being fully part of either. Once the threshold or phase is entered the ritual initiates a series of transformations. According to Turner, these phases of transition and change provide the possibility for new cultural ways of conceiving, facing, understanding, giving meaning to, and sometimes even resolving a state of crisis. In the societies in which we live, self-analysis, critical reflection on society, on our own behavior and the symbolic ways in which we respond to a crisis often find a place in the sphere of the arts. Wearing masks and accumulating ritual symbols leads us to disguise and represent reality through myths and legends, which is repeated in our industrial societies through various genres and media. The liminal space of society is very complex when various factors multiply and aggregate different tools, formats and audiences. Following the same path as Victor Turner through an analysis of ritual processes, periods of transition and socio-cultural changes, the exhibition attempts to offer a context of social and cultural hybridization, a place of observation in which to give birth to other creative models.”

Outside the Window is Spartak Khachanov’s first solo exhibition in Helsinki featuring his multi-channel video installation that emerged as a reaction to the conditions imposed by the global pandemic. Living under lockdown, Khachanov has spent long periods in loneliness, only gazing out of the windows of his studio in HIAP, Suomenlinna. Using his laptop camera he frames vivid yet simultaneously ordinary almost banal shots of what happens outside, people walking, dogs running, or simple glimpses of the light snowy breeze. What he registers is an infinite series of mini-histories that unfold outdoors, outside of the building he is stuck in. The footage is then assembled, split, mirrored into a seamless echo chamber that uses visual narratives that evoke an aura of impermanence akin to a speedy clock, a space-time of persistency that keeps on unfolding.

Outside the Window is a timely exercise about the notions of introspection, uneasiness, fear and forced solitude related to new circumstances of social isolation. In a more subtle theme that emerges, Kachanhov forces the viewer to reflect on the disastrous impact humans have on natural resources and the environment. From this perspective he asks: “How can we sustain the possibility of imagining a lasting future beyond our current hopeless state of affairs?

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