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Right to Home
Vladan Jeremic & Rena R�dle

with Sali Kadrijaj, Sasa Barbul, and Helsinki rooted artists and participants (X-OP Study Group) of the workshop �Under the Bridge Helsinki�. At Myym�l�2 Gallery in the frame of X-OP Platform. Opening on 10th of November 6pm. The exhibition is open until 27th of November

The exhibition is part of the X-op Helsinki Platform.

With the processes of deportation of migrants, evictions and gentrification in the cities, stratification and segregation of the population, and violent deportation of poorest migrants, we are facing deep crisis of life condition and housing situation. Social estates are torn down, communal spaces are deconstructed and privatized. Perspectives for life for the subaltern and poor migrants are not given. Because of all these processes, one of the main tasks of today cultural workers and activists or artists should be to fight for a communal living area, right to home and the right to make own politics as Lefebvre’s � The Right to City� emphasizes.

R�dle& Jeremic will present several works that show concrete situations and impose questions of the protection of the communal space. Their newest work and the campaign under the same title � World Communal Heritage� is related to the protection of the social(ist) architecture and its modernistic heritage and contemporary quality of life. World Communal Heritage supports communal life and solidarity, actively involving community to recognize and protect important achievements of the society.

The video work � Gazela-Temporary Shelter from 100 to 500 Years� researches the displacement of over 1000 people that lived in the Roma mahala at Gazela Bridge in Belgrade in August 2009. Some of the Roma families were resettled to container camps in the outskirts of Belgrade, far away from the city. Others were returned to the poor south of Serbia they had escaped from, some built new barracks at alternative locations in Belgrade. The city authorities announced new demolitions of Roma settlements. All interviews and locations are authentic. The movie was recorded in November 2009 in Belgrade, New Belgrade, Maki�, Kijevo, Bojnik, Leskovac, Lebane, Novi Sad and Jagodina.

�Belville� is the name of a residential complex at New Belgrade being built on the occasion of the international sports manifestation � Summer Universiade 2009� . On 3rd of April 2009 in the early morning, diggers tore down the barracks of 45 families living in close vicinity to the residential units. Their violent eviction was assisted by police without giving time to the residents to save their belongings. Despite Serbia holding the presidency of the � Decade of Roma Inclusion� in year 2009, the authorities didn� t offer alternative housing to the families. The video documents the protest of the victims that set off to the city center three times to demand shelter in front of the city hall.

Vladan Jeremic is an artist, activist and keen observer of the art system and the relations between culture and politics. He holds M.A. in Arts, graduated Interdisciplinary Master’s Studies at the University of Arts Belgrade. Since 2002 he works together with Rena R�dle as artistic couple. They are founder of Biro Beograd, an independent association that gives platform for critical practice that steps beyond conventional forms of art, cultural and social research or activism in Serbia and in international context. Raedle& Jeremic are active as well in context of human rights, Roma and LGBT issues. They were exhibiting solo in Trondheim, Belgrade, Paris, Hamburg and Novi Sad. Recent solo exhibitions under title � Psychogeographical Research� was realised at Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina in Serbia. Raedle& Jeremic are co-author of the artwork � Partisan Songspiel� within the collective Chto Delat. R�dle& Jeremic live and work in Belgrade, Serbia.

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