More Pricks than Kicks

We have worked mainly with a focus on painting, sculpture and installation.!The work has been an attempt to clean up the mess, but I like to think of it as a form of “archeology”.!Organization and reconstruction of materials from both past and present as well as “discovery” is made in the public domain or previous work.These we try to recontextualize and objects are used and transformed with the intention of creating an
autonomous and a work of its own.!With this we will work on site.

Performance was a process we stumbled upon but chose to develop further in terms of a contrast to the object-based .. The location of the various pieces (objects) de?nes the nerve in the works.

At a time when video, photography and installation art is spreading to more current, we have never lost faith in the continuing value of painting. Nature is an essential part of life, an essential part of life as it is impossible to get away from, however we are not interested in simply re-create nature.!Rather than convey the obvious, We want to create exciting interpretations of reality.!The paintings balances on a shifting line between ?guration and abstraction, which further contributes to the mystique.!But more typical, we explore the narrow path between the abstract and the ?gurative.
The paintings are sometimes abstract geometrical shapes and colors is all about placement in different constellations. We have been searching light on the “spontaneous” abstract painting’s development and monochrome. In this historical context i have in terms of a conceptual tradition that it is a violation of
now.!There has been a shift to the more spontaneous.! Discipline, playfulness and seriousness at the same time are strong driving factors related to thought patterns and the development of the work process. !-Art, INSTEAD OF being a object made by one person, is a process set in motion by a group of people .. “John Cage, 1967

Cooperation with other artist intuition, have formed a framework for our art making.!The daring to take chances while you work in addition to paint over each other and such, is intensive and provides another point of view.!This is a process of joint ?uid transmitted mental energies that create a greater awareness.!Established artists and art students work as colleagues in a convention with individual views and randomly ?nding a consensus is not always easy.!This is often a mess as you try to control and often goes
out of its control.!One example within this has been abstract paintings that were painted in 1986-87 by an artist from an earlier generation, but which have been completed in 2009 by Tony Christian Norum and another art student.!This is linked to a historical perspective, where modernism is taken up again. “The True Artist Helps the World Mystic revealing truth” Bruce Nauman

Artists in the show:

Snorre Hvamen, Christian Tony Norum S�ter, Petter Ballo, Christian Hennie, Andreia Yonashiro, Jon Lundell, Emma Tryti, Narve Hovdenakk, Gregoire Rousseau, Knut Ivar Aaser, Mickael Marman, Sebastian Helling, Anders Dahl Monsen, Ivan Galuzin