Either you are with us or you are with the tourists

Sissel M Bergh og Anita Hillestad

Saturday November 12 at 14:00 p.m. including performance. Refreshment will be served.

Either you are alive or not. Either you live here or not. Either you came here or not.
Either you wanted to be someone or not. Either you think you are great or not. Either you think you know this place or not. Either you never knew this place or not. Either you have been here before or not. Either you are being watched or not. Either you are blind or not. Either you are never noticed or not. Either you have seen this or not:
You are with us.

The artists Anita Hillestad and Sissel M Bergh, who lives and work in Norway, are showing two separate works under a common title. Sissel M Bergh is showing a video and photographies. Anita Hillestad will show works investing the notion of new tourist attractions. In connection with the exhibition there will be a performance on the thursday before, November the 10th. Time and place will be announced later. The performance is seeking five participants who will be asked to stand still, covered in textiles for 15 minutes. This will be documented and included in the exhibition.

Technics: Video, performance, photographies, installation.

Sissel M Bergh is an artist and freelance writer, working with questions of identity, status, politics and esthetics. Her works could be caracterized as scenic installations, performance and excercises in flow: drawing. Her latest soloshow was the installation ” Misunderstand:” at Tröndelag center of contemporary art. She is educated from the national academy of art in Oslo, Norway and from Technikon Natal Fine art department, Durban -South Africa. And work and live for the time being in Trondheim. During the years 2004-2008 she was based in Lusaka, Zambia where she were part in starting up an artist workshop and residency Munandi Art Studio.. ( new web-site under construction.)

Anita Hillestad is an artist who curates, organize projects and creates work under the labels of photography, performance, video and textiles. Her works engages with society, are critical and angled through the artist approach: “I don ?t believe the truth”. She is educated as a photographer with academic studies in humanities. Her latest solo show was documentary photographies from squatter housings: “Home dear home”. This show is part of her continuous project “Tourrist attractions”.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Myymälä2 and X-op.