For Artists, Researchers and Activists: Residency in The Gambia


20.9 at 17.00, Dr. Modou Barry, an introduction to the Eco village

An Opportunity for Artists, Researchers and Activists: New Residency in The Gambia.
Dr. Barry will introduce the Eco Village Nature Camp which he participated to create together with the Youth Organisation and other local institutions in Tungina, The Gambia.

The village is near a creek close to the Gambia river, and it is built out of the voluntary and collective effort of the locals to contrast pre-desertification, to find alternative and more sustainable ways to grow edible plants, and to help the local biodiversity to thrive. As a result their joint action, they have formed a community engaged in protecting the forest, in helping the local agriculture to be more sustainable for the environment, and to experiment with various practices of resilience and circular economy. The community offers hospitality for selected artists, activists and researchers who want to experience the opportunities offered in the Eco-village, who want to create, study, write, or just be.
“Our idea is back to basic, live side by side with the ecosystem to improve community stand”, says Dr Modou Barry.
Dr Modou Barry has collaborated with Ark of Seeds project by creating an evolutionary garden in The Gambia.

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