D(x)e-festival – defunensemble 10 years! Concert Day 1

Monday  2.12.2019
Free entrance

Michaek Maierhof and sami klemola
6 pm Michael Maierhof & Sami Klemola
Michael Maierhof and Sami Klemola improvises with cello and turntables. Friction takes the kinetic energy of motion and dissipates it through a material and the surrounding atmosphere in the form of vibrating pressure changes. Energy exists, it doesn’t disappear, it can only change forms.

Andrew bentley event
7 pm Andrew Bentley & Alejandro Olarte
Andrew Bentley and Alejandro Olarte are part of the Manialog ensemble which loves electric sound, sound synthesis, custom algorithms, and live performance. These ingredients make Manialog´s music a vibrating and deep experience of numbers, bits, and waves.