Ben Butler & Mousepad (GER/SCO)

Sat 08.05. Helsinki, Myymälä2
admission 4-6 € (whatever you can pay), + Yön Syke + Samuel Meri + DJs: Amon Düde, Jimmy Jealousy, start at 7 pm!

The Berlin-based duo Ben Butler & Mousepad is the new outfit of Joe (from Gay Against You) and Bastian (aka Gtuk). Anyone exposed to the furious shake & pop of pixelated DIY dance fury from either of their other projects should expect excellence. Excellence as in a cloud of pink TV static spreading over psychedelic gradient skies outside the window of your commuter train, analogical lighting bolts blasting in a rainbow coloured Sabbath which burns into the circuitry of your brain like the soundtrack of an old coin-op beat-em-up designed by a crazed cabal of progressive wizards and bearded Sci-Fi savants. Yep, that kind of excellence, like Golden Axe’s red dragons invading the hallucinatory dreamscapes of a Philip K. Dick pulp which was never published because it was too weird, and too close to the bone.

Juan ( says:” Bristling and expansive melodic madness…”

Ludwig van Beethoven says: “BB&MP made me regain my hearing abilities.”

Phil Collins says: “… but seriously.”