Non Grata and Diverse Universe

Diverse Universe is nomadic performance festival through the-East-South-West and North Europe.

Non Grata (Estonia)
Anonymous Boh
Myk Henry (New York)
Steve Vanoni (California)
Philip Luddite (Denmark)
Marcus Vinicius (Brazil)

Non Grata and Diverse Universe FORCE MAJEURE – Paris: URBAN DISORDER
– Piotrkw Tribunalski: INTERAKCJE – Berlin: HUNGER

our machine ploughed through the guard-rail and fell fifty feet onto the rocks below.
Its front end crumpled with the force of impact thrusting two-feet of metal back into the car. The windshield imploded, showering us with slivers of glass. Both the driving wheel and dashboard compacted into one mangled mess. The rear side passenger door was savagely torn free from its hinges and the front two wheels were sent spinning out into the night. The metal of the car was screaming like the cry of some wounded beast and it shuddered once then fell slowly onto its side trembling.
After that all I could hear was my heart throbbing. The blood started pooring from my eyes and hands.
I looked through the shattered windsheild and I noticed that the sky had developed a complex geometric pattern which span in kaleidoscopic formations, to me it looked like thousands of cat faces twirling
around in the air.
I was now staring into an infinite structure, a matrix of interlocking bars made of a glassy substance, the structure was completely built up of elfin like faces with rainbow coloured gasses swirling around within them. Each happy face warped and morphed into another, each transient mouth opened and chattered a visual language which resembled micro fireworks exploding. And the last thing i remeber was looking at my body, torn and magled like the twisted metal of the machine.

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