Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Topias Tiheäsalo & Matters in the North

Finnish-Estonian tour AUG 2011

SUN 21 Jyväskylä, Poppari (w/Jari Kaukua)
MON 22 Tampere, Kulttuurikahvila Hertta
TUE 23 Turku, b-Galleria
WED 24 Helsinki, Myymälä2 (w/Tommi Keränen)
THU 25 Tallinn, Ptarmigan

Improvising musicians Alfredo Costa Monteiro (POR) and Topias Tiheäsalo (FIN) will join forces for five August dates in Finland and in Estonia. As a duo they both will be playing electric guitars and electronic devices, objects etc.

Alfredo Costa Monteiro (b. 1964 Porto, Portugal) is an artist/musician based in Barcelona. As an improvising musician he uses both accordions and electric guitars as well as turntables, electro-acoustic devices and resonant objects as his instruments.

He studied sculpture/multimedia at the fine art school in Paris with Christian Boltanski.
After having moved to Barcelona in 1992 his work has been standing somewhere between visual arts, visual poetry and sound. His installations and sound pieces, all of a low-fi character, have in common an interest for unstable processes, where the manipulation of objects as instruments or instruments as objects has a strong phenomenological aspect.

He works together with musicians, video-artists and choreographers. At the moment he collaborates regularly with French improvisers Pascal Battus and Michel Doneda and Canadian electronics musician Tim Olive.

He is also active with the musicians from the Barcelona and South-European scene, with whom he has groups such as Cremaster (with Ferran Fages), i treni inerti (with Ruth Barbern), Octante (with Fages/Barbern and Margarida Garcia), Atoln (with Fages/Barbern), Tellus (with Pilar Subir) and Monolith (with Juan Matos Capote)

He has toured around Europe and Japan. This will be his first visit to Finland and Estonia.

Topias Tiheäsalo (b. 1978 Raisio, Finland). Im a guitarist working in the field of improvised music. One day my music can be fragile, sparse, quiet, acoustic; the next day it might be hectic, dense, loud, electric  or something else. Im only concerned on two things: improvising and playing. (You might see them as synonymous.) In addition to my solo playing I try to do this in various more or less settled groups such as Pymathon, Jooklo Quartet, SIR trio, The Henologists.

Recently Ive been playing with people like Ilia Belorukov, Virginia Genta, Atte Häkkinen, Jari Kaukua, Tero Kemppainen, Sami Pekkola, Antti Tolvi, Jaakko Tolvi, Janne Tuomi and David Vanzan. Some of this music you could call free jazz, some free improv, some improvised thrash metal…Music I want to play with people I love to play with.

I live in Turku, Finland with my family. Ive played here and there but not everywhere.