MAGIC HAT release party in Berlin 18.4

The city of Helsinki approached us to put together a magazine to showcase the best and most interesting clothing design and art from our capital at Berlin’s Helsinki Festival, which will encompass music events, art exhibits, and a design expo. In turn, we’ve asked the particapants to interview each other to get a peek at not just the contemporary design and art milieu, but also to glimpse at the general cultural panorama of Helsinki. Our idiosyncratic position as an art gallery, boutique, and music venue grants us the liberty to take in the burgeoning scene first hand, and we relish this chance to share the view.

-Myymälä2 Art Collective in conjunction with Janic Leino, stylist and Oskari Parkkinen, photographer

Following design and art is represented in this catalog:,,,, Control clothing,, Finsk shoes, Mari Johanna,,, Kaksi Två, Mnemo, Pisto,, Marimekko,