Mental Alaska torstaina 13.11!


Myymälä2, Uudenmaankatu 23
torstai 13.11. klo 17-22
liput 5e



+ dj art barf-uncle


Vocalist of kraut legends Embryo, occasional No Neck Blues Band-member, uses his unique vocal abilities to create relations between sounds that you would never expect. Playing the keyboard in an almost random way, but with a superb feel for space and time, Mïk makes these totally free sounds connect and form a strong and logical composition. His performances stay fresh and exciting, always pushing himself to find that place where everything is possible. Sometimes awkward, sometimes hilarious, sometimes genius but always inspiring and amazing.


Afonso Simões is a Portuguese born musician mainly working with drumsand percussion, his solo project Phoebus focuses on synthesizers and electronics, combining acoustic sounds with synthesized pulses and patterns. Drummer and founding member of the now defunct free-rock duo Fish & Sheep, which recorded several cd-r’s and one lp “Double Banana”.
Simoes has also been a live member of the Matt Valentine & the Bummer Road band in Europe, performing at the All Tomorrows Parties Festival, Nightmare Before Xmas. Last year he joined the band Gala Drop, and has recently jammed live with Manuel Mota, Mayo Thompson, Rafael Toral and Helena Espvall.


These two in Amsterdam living Germans, Johann and Hannah, have been making the Amsterdam scene thrive again by organizing concerts, art-shows and making books, prints and releasing tapes and cds on the Stenze Quo label. Cotopaxi is the playful project between the two where they use found sounds, modified (toy) instruments, tapes and electronics to create compositions ranging from the elektro acoustic to emotional trance, with great sensitivity for dynamics and balance. Their approach is warm and positive resulting in a ‘good times’ feel that will leave a smile in the hearts of the listener, so in their own way they are making the world a better place.


Besides organizing shows in Den Haag under the Helbaard name and running the label Silver Ghosts, Manuel Padding has been taking on the alter ego of Matt Hooper”. “Whale Voodoo survivor” Matt Hooper has been entering the ocean in shark proof cages for most of his professional career, trying to become one with creation by confronting the arch enemy of hope and life personified in the Great White Shark, who’s rows of teeth and age old brute force make every trip down a rebirth, this is the moment to find your voice and embrace the light, forget all there is and transcend…”