WHITE HOLE tour with Mei Zhiyong, and Dmitri Zherbin


. . . and Mei Zhiyong teams-up again for their second live music tour this year ! Nothing is nor will be enough and their madness shall be unleashed raw and dry. Important, precious and dangerous, the physical and endless aspect of their work is, so far, the closest thing to a white hole. Their music is not an answer, their performance is not an act, yet this is the most positive thing you’ll witness in a while.

28.11 @ A4, Bratislava
30.11 @ AU/Klub MOOZAK, Wien
02.12 @ (A)void Floating Gallery, Praha
05.12 @ Kirtimų kultūros centras, Vilnius
06.12 @ Klub DEPO, Riga
07.12 @ MIMstuudio, Tallinn
08.12 @ Myymälä2, Helsinki
09.12 @ AL’KOV, Saint-Petersburg
10.12 @ art space “ТЕПЛО”, Yaroslavl
11.12 @ Shaping Noise Festival, Center DOM, Moscow

Mei Zhiyong
Mei Zhiyong / 梅志勇 (*1984) pursues a physical form of sonic rapture, an explorative mind with the body as a tool pushing the limits, seeking a liberating nothingness beyond logic, found in coarse actionistic or quietly manic outbursts, in dizzying electronic soarings or in following unknown traces in field recordings. Mei Zhiyong also directs and shoots independent short films, works with photography and is part of the nojiji collective. he was born in shandong province and lives in China.

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Since a decade, the being behind the soundless moniker . . . a.k.a. Nikola H. Mounoud process analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks in real time to produce unique, powerful and highly dynamic live performances where irresponsible noise, weird sonic blasts, total non-sense and pure irrationality meets. Between neo-composed scores and prepared pseudo-improvisation, the listener absorb the unleashed raw beauty of the musical wrath. For more details, here is a good start > ooo.meovco.com

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ZHERBIN is a musician and sound artist from Helsinki, Finland. He makes tape loop based music, also applying feedback and amplified small sounds. He has several releases on different DIY labels and has also done live collaborations with artists like Andrea Pensado (USA), Jelena Glazova (Latvia), Ilia Belorukov (Russia) and more.