Live Audio Visual and Experimental Sound-scape

on 15.02.2018 at 19:00

Dark Reindeer – Live Audiovisual Ensemble.
Sound Exp by Antero Mentu & Suva.
15th February
Starts – 19:00
Entrance- 5€
Dark Reindeer is a performance group created by live-visualist Petri Seppä, dancer Anniina Kumpuniemi and musicians Petri Lahtinen and Toni Ahonen. Their presentation is a collage of live images, dance and music, creating a space where artistic knowhow is exposed to infractions, coincidences and mistakes. A random mix of time, space and rhythm when combined, begins to form audiovisual ensembles. Here is their web link:-

Sound Exp—-
Antero Mentu and Suva will collaborate in an improvised session of Sound Art with the known instruments:
Guitar with numerous effects and Bowed Psaltery.
Both of them collaborated in various events together with numerous musicians. This time it will be their first duo collaboration.