HEJ JOHANNES live in Myymälä2



at 19:00

Tickets 5 €

HEJ JOHANNES is an innovative improv duo focusing on musical conversation. A responsiveness and an interest in each other’s ideas, which have been developed and refined since the start of the collaboration in 2014. The duo consists of Johannes Gammelgaard on saxophone and Johannes Berg on drums. These two promising young musicians have worked together over the last five years in many different constellations and played with big names on the European improv scene such as Rudi Mahall, Ljudas Mockunas and Jim Black. As a result of these experiences, they have developed a common musical language based on melodic fragments, modal landscapes and abstract sound experiments. In the duo format, there is an almost limitless freedom and at the same time a great responsibility, as the music easily becomes both naked and fragile. It forces the musicians to constantly be aware and make decisions regarding the form and direction of the music.

In February 2018, HEJ JOHANNES recorded their debut album which will be released later in 2019.

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