Patrick Chang and Tasos Moulinos Live Set


25.8 at 17:30Patrick Chang and Tasos Moulinos live set.


California born and raised, he has been playing drums and percussion for several years. With his background in jazz drumming and a penchant for experimenting with electronic sounds, he creates visual and auditory time machines capturing the sound and feelings of specific time and places. He is currently working on a project under the alias “Chino Problemo” – exploring the themes of belonging and longing, otherness and acceptance, through the cacophony and mellifluous sounds that arise from their intersection.

For his live set in Myymälä2 Patrick is preparing an improvisational live set with American guest musician Tasos Moulinos. In weaving together electronic textures with the energies of Chicago Blues, New York Jazz, Berkeley Psychadelia, Cephalonia Melodies, and Taipei Rhythms, this performance aims to simultaneously be all of and none of these. This show will take the form of an experimental electro-acoustic soundscape aiming to challenge not only what the audience brings to the space but also the boundaries of the artists’ collaboration.

Check Patrick’s sound here