Conversation with Sea Views Project Artists

group photo

01.09.2019 at 16:00

Sea Views is a mobile art exchange platform that brings together artists from the Nordic and Asian countries. The artists in the exhibition have been working in the Örö island and in Dalsbruk during August 2019. The exhibition is a part of a two-year project where groups of artists are invited to work and exhibit first in Finland and the following year in Taiwan. In this event, artists are paired and presenting their works and inspiration, conversation, and collaboration between each other and with local and natural environment during the residency and exhibition project.

Speakers: Jo Skaergaard & Leydi Giney Uyaban (DE/CO), Mauritz Tistelö(SE), Rain Wu (TW / UK), Jen-Pei Cheng (TW), Chih-Chung Chang (TW), and Lesley-Anne Cao (PH), Iris Hung(TW) &Erica Huang(TW)
*A beverage and drinks with Taiwanese receipt and will provided in creative way before and after the presentation.
**If you are interested in visiting the exhibition, here is the detail. We also arrange bus from Helsinki to Dalsbruk on 31st Aug. Welcome to join us!

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