Lignin Cascades by Lorenzo Li Greci


Time: 3-14.11. 2021

Lignin Cascades is an ongoing artistic and scientific visual exhibition at MetGen Oy, a biorefinery industry in the city of Kaarina, Finland, specialized in lignin production and valorization. Lignin is a class of complex biopolymers that contributes to the formation of tree bark and support tissue in the vegetable kingdom. Lignins can chelate a wide range of pigments and chemical compounds, ultimately, change their colours and chemical properties. Lignin Cascades is a series of lignin paintings on canvases that moves from conceptual art to abstract and figurative art representations aiming to promote circular economy and the use of environmentally friendly bioproducts.

Lorenzo Li Greci – born 1984, Palermo, Italy. M.Sc. in biotechnology and member of Pargas Konstklubb PICTURA. Lorenzo has carried out research for Telethon foundation in Italy and for the Neuronal Signaling Pathway Lab in Turku, Finland, publishing in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, in the Journal of Genetics and Genomics and in Nature communications. Lorenzo started an artistic path focused on colours and materials synthesized in the laboratory and his first lignin made drawing (Figure in Lignin) has been exhibited at Contemporary Venice 2021. Lorenzo explores artistic languages through a scientific grammar, publishing articles and illustrations in the Italian quarterly magazine of general culture Digressioni.

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