Megalepiota by Kamila Śladowska


Time: 3.12- 17.12.2021

opening time: 3.12 at 18:00

„Megalepiota” is a site-specific work, relating chemical, physical and biological experience, inside which homo sapiens gets lost within colours, shapes or even smells and sounds that lead to the ambivalent perception: it feels familiar, but far away from the reality. In this project I try to struggle with simulacrisation and play with psychology of vision- how we perceive and process the recognizable and strange visual messages. Organic forms and colours taken from ecosysthems have been deformed and mixed giving a new strange visual ecosysthem. Humans have somehow lost the consciousness of what their surrounding contains of. Once we go to a forest, we have no idea how to feed ourselves not to get poisoned. During visits in supermarkets, we’re not sure how the materials and food have been processed. This impression is always much stronger to me when I go to a different climatic and cultural zone than the one from my childhood. The more civilisation progresses, paradoxally, the more we get lost in forms and colours of the world. I have been asking myself how it was at the very fisrt beginning when homo sapiens didn’t know what is edible or not and how the healers have been acquiring all their knowledge about processing of mushrooms and different biochemical objects. In this project, I have tried to understand the issues of organisms’ and forms’ ecosysthem that I experience in my daily life, then deconstruct and translate it in order to create „Megalepiota”.

The project is a result of Erasmus+ practice post-graduate programme.

The sound design has been created by Robert Prakapovich.

During the opening the 03.12 at 18:00 will happen a performance of Kamila Śladowska in collaboration with a poet Radosław Rasiński.

Radosław Rasiński– born in Warsaw student of Iranian Studies and amator of beekeeping. Currently he is writing the thesis about traditional beekeeping methodes in Iran, dedicating the spare time for love to the nature, writing and reading poetry, drawing surrealistic landscapes from dreams and making pyrography works.

Kamila Śladowska– (born in 1996 in Warsaw) multidisciplinary visual artist, who works with various media such as installation, painting or performance and researches around topics of diversity and culture anthropology. She tries to implement ideas from permaculture into visual arts and efforts to work with recycled materials or using traditional techniques. She has studied during the Erasmus+ exchange at ESBAMA Montpellier, graduated from the painting faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and as well from the costume design faculty at MSKPU in Warsaw (both in 2020). She has moved to Helsinki and currently makes the Erasmus+ post-graduate practice programme at Myymala2.

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