Kombucha Process Wall by Anastasia Anikina

Time: 13-4.02.2022
SCOBY, more known as “Kombucha mushroom”, is an acronym for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. It has been known for thousands of years and has been used to ferment various foods. But recently it became a source of inspiration for scientists and artists. SCOBY has been noticed not for it fermenting qualities, but for its ability to form cellulose based bio-film by consuming and breaking sugars. As a source material SCOBY has become also a workable bio-textile.

Kombucha Process Wall exhibits Anastasia Anikina’s very first experiments with the living organisms. The works are combinations of recycled materials and dried thin “Kombucha leather”. The futuristic theme of the exhibition revolves around concept of nature and science working together. Current anthropogenic disruption continues to cause mass extinction, climate change and pollution on our planet. Human relations with nature must change radically in order to ensure the survival of our own species. The “Kombucha Process Wall” is an artistic take on the science and nature forming a new symbiotic culture.

Anastasia Anikina is a visual artist who explores human-nature relations in her work. She gathers inspiration from biodiversity, natural patterns and forms. Her works often resemble peculiar plants and mysterious creatures. “Kombucha Process Wall” however is a logical step forward into Bio Art practice.

Image by Anastasia Anikina and Veikko Seppälä