#INVENTING Process Wall by Mila Iloria

mila iloria


At the exhibition #INVENTING by Mila Iloria one can see the first reaction of an artist to the catastrophe when a person faces a complete frustration and the surviving desire to adapt for the new circumstances. The process wall exhibition shows  the realtime revolutionary processes in the soul of the artist. The moment when a creative person questions themselves in which direction they should move. Yesterday’s priorities are no longer relevant. During the setup of the #INVENTING exhibition Mila Iloria realised that she could not expose it the way she was initially planning, as it was rather playful and didn’t reflect artists’ feelings anymore. 

The exposition presents an interrupted process of creating the exhibition and lets the viewer feel the sorrow of the artist.

Below is the original concept of the show.

#INVENTING, To invent oneself. Every established person invented oneself. Born unknown – becoming known. Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, Kazemir Malevich, Cy Twombly. Each of them has made a great deal of #inventing themselves. What lies behind the creative personal invention? Hard work? Luck? Circumstances? Clear intention? Focus?

#INVENTING Process Wall shows Mila iloria’s very first experiments with active interaction with the public during the exhibition. The show presents combinations of textile, rope, original abstract painting and a questionnaire. The creative subject of the exhibition revolves around the concept of red threads of destiny, how they invisibly link the necessary parts and realise unlimited potential of becoming the best version of oneself. The “#INVENTING Process Wall” is an artistic take on the history of success. It reveals the unknown universal source of a desired luck in a personal potential realisation.

Mila iloria is a visual artist who explores human-being resourcefulness in her work. She gathers inspiration from enormously rich artistic talents, cultural diversity and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which opens the possibility of unleashing and utilising our full human potential. Her works often resemble a state of flow and feeling of connection with a deeper inner self.  “#INVENTING Process Wall” is a logical step forward into exploring unlimited sources of human potential.

Mila iloria is a Russian born abstract painter living in Finland for almost 25 years.  The intriguing twist of two cultures has influenced her creative expression. She is passionate about exploring what it means to be a creative human being. Her artworks have been in exhibitions in Finland and Sweden and are featured in numerous private collections.


Image by Kamila Sladowska



Visual Artist – Mila iloria

Cultural Producer – Natalia Alekseeva

Photographer, Videographer – Maria Rand

Textile Advisor – Kamila Sladowska