Curator talk: “The Transition Towards a Planetary Civilization”

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Curator talk: “The Transition Towards a Planetary Civilization”
July 21th  17:00
by John Angel Rodriguez
Curator Grey Cube Projects

The transition towards a planetary civilization presentation is part of an ongoing research PhD project that John Angel Rodriguez is carrying out at the Goldsmiths University of London. His research question is about how we can produce new knowledge through curatorial practice while bearing in mind the transformations and discoveries born out of the molecular revolution in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. The observations made both at the macro and the micro levels of the quantum universe have offered us a chance to rewrite our scientific methods.

This presentation includes photographs, moving images and artist websites, His talk also will offer an insight into Grey Cube Projects’ methodology of work as a curatorial platform.

Speaker bio:

John Angel Rodriguez is PhD candidate of Advanced Practices at Goldsmiths University of London. He began operating as an independent curator in 2004, Bogotá-Colombia, and then moved to London in 2007 to perform field research within London’s creative art industries hub. He specialises in art, science and technology. Rodriguez’s current research project is a transdisciplinary exploration of physics and quantum biology to establish a new hypothetical model of curatorship in the 22nd century. To the date, he has curated a diverse range of international exhibitions: “Entropic Symbiosis” in Berlin 2019, Art Quarter Budapest Curatorial Residency 2019, Sluice Berlin Exchange 2018, Sluice Biennale London 2017, Exchange Rates and Sluice New York, NY, USA. One in the City of Gdansk, Poland, “Bogota City on the Edge” which is part of the exchange program “Cities on the Edge” Łaźnia.

John Angel Rodriguez residency in Helsinki is jointly sponsored by Instituto Distrital de las Artes, IDARTES Bogota Mobility Grant and Goldsmiths University of London Erasmus+ Mobility for Learning Traineeships

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