Curated by Juan David Quintero

29.7.- 14.8.2022

#SOSCOLOMBIA is a travelling exhibition that presents a selection of graphic arts, photography, street art and video resulting in the popular uprising against the government which took place in many Colombian cities in 2021. The artworks included in the exhibition pinpoint the many ways through which artists and the community are representing their discontent and anger about the violent repression and human rights violations by the security forces against street protestants.

The exhibition wishes to highlight the strategical use of arts as a tool for political activism evidencing that activists are ‘weaponizing’ arts to reclaim the streets. Art mediums such as performances, circus arts, music and street art have been an integral part of daily street gatherings and with them, the protesters aim to express alternative views and somehow counter misrepresentation and biased information by mainstream media.

Artworks of #SOSCOLOMBIA have been published on Instagram page @memoriasilicitas and the magazine La Racion

Partners and Sponsors 
  • Instituto Iberoamericano de Finlandia.
  • La Racion
Instagram @la_racion_col
  • Mimmit  Peinttaa

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