Process Wall: “REVELATION of CONSTERNATION” by Dextrum Methodo

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23 March – 9 April 2023

Myymälä2 is pleased to invite you to the exhibition “REVELATION of CONSTERNATION” by Dextrum Methodo (a.k.a. Kateryna Harahulia). The exhibition will present a recent series of digital print collages as the artist manifests and protests the war and destruction in her homeland, Ukraine. The artist follows a very established tradition of artists depicting the brutality of war and the validity of artistic expression in times of crisis with works that speak to trauma and devastation but also positive feelings of hope and empathy.

With this series of artworks, she reflects on the savagery of war and implores: “…As an eyewitness of the war, I urge humanity to think that in the 21st century of scientific progress and humanism, there is no place for such an archaic and terrible phenomenon as ‘war’”.

Using mostly a monochrome, darkish palette, she adds to the drama and impact of her collages. In her multilayered images, she manages to render a visual atmosphere of representations that are somehow both essential and monumental. Against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the exhibition calls to pinpoint, one more time, the destructive nature and absurdity of modern warfare and the necessity of looking closely rather than looking away.

Exhibition preview: 23 March at 17:00
Address : Uudenmaankatu 23F, Helsinki
Opening Times: Wed–Sat 12-18:00, Sunday 12-17:00, Closed Mon–Tue

Special acknowledgement to Artists at Risk (AR) and Saastamoinen Foundation

About the artist: Dextrum Methodo studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Ukraine). She is a versatile multimedia artist who has exhibited in major cities in Ukraine and Finland. Her recent exhibitions in Finland include “The Forest Glow” as part of the Anti-Festival Kuopio (2022) and Imatra Art Week and at the Espoo Cultural Centre and Espoo Kanusali (2023).

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Instagram: @dextrum_methodo_art

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