Process Wall: The infinite journey by Dinara Zhumazhan 10.5.-21.5.2023

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The infinite journey

Dinara Zhumazhan


 Struggle, intensity, ego, war, wildness, absurd, soviet past, corruption, protests, fights, dignity, humiliation, power, glory are the highly flammable elements that trigger Dinara’s artworks. Imagine your motherland was colonized, and you only speak foreign languages on a daily basis. While your culture’s rituals might seem degrading and unsightly, exploring the world can be challenging when it comes to learning about new societies. Endless search for identity comes with lots of suffering however there is a relief if we are completely truthful to ourselves.

Dinara is using a mask as a protection. Hidden face is rather reflecting the observer than the creator. Open mouth is a symbol of free speech. Acceptance, tenderness, warmness, connection, wholeness are starting to appear during this infinite journey. The direction seems more clear. We are opening our soul slowly and pulling off the masks.

Dedicated to all lost and willing to be found.

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