Evolution of a culture by Najla Jalali 7.6.-25.6.2023


Evolution of a culture
Process Wall exhibition by Najla Jalali
Opening event 7.6.- 16:00-18:00

Nature and culture, as dynamic organisms, both undergo complex stages of evolution in a consistent manner. However, unlike the bold and comprehensive changes of nature, the evolutionary metamorphosis of culture is often understated as a fact. Interestingly , the two processes are not inherently different from one another, but are in fact moving in a parallel direction and coexisting. The evolution of the “culture” is one that feeds on the collective belief, grows generation by generation, and reproduces through the choices of its current hosts. Death, however, is hardly an option. Simply because cultures do not perish, but they only choose a different path in order to survive and convince the new generation -being their new hosts- of their worthiness.
In this exhibition, Najla Jalali portrays surrealistic depictions of her personal experiences as a young Iranian artist, being born and raised in the depth of the Persian culture up until her twenties. The paintings each represent a different aspect of the transformed culture over the years, emphasizing on the psychological footprints of this process on the new generation of Iranian youth, including the artist herself. With the incorporation of various shades and generally brighter colors, the compromise of the colorful Persian traditions and modern-day ideals is being showcased.
About the artist

Najla Jalali (2001, Ahvaz) is an Iranian visual artist, currently based in Finland. She holds an AA in Translation and literature from Isfahan university and pursuing a BA education in Fine arts at Novia UAS presently. Her primary medium is oil and acrylic painting, and she chooses a surrealistic approach towards expression. Due to her literary background and interest, she often incorporates concepts from classical literary texts and essays.

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