Process Wall: Neighbour’s windows by Polina Laamanen 8.11.-19.11.2023


Neighbour’s windows

Polina Laamanen


Neighbour’s Windows Collection tells stories about different areas of Helsinki through textile and hand embroidery, which is done right within the frame on thin, almost invisible tulle. The composition is usually inspired by local tableware brands, and it celebrates famous Nordic graphic design. Freehand embroidery is combined with volume embroidery in Polina’s signature technique, which briefly makes it seem as if real botanical elements were used in the artwork.

On the process wall, Polina presents one window frame with embroidery in progress alongside a few embroidery studies and materials. In this behind-the-scenes look, you can appreciate the amount of time it takes to create one artwork, enjoy the burst of colors on these dark, rainy days, and feel the warmth of textiles.

Polina Laamanen (b. 1989) in St. Petersburg, Russia, is an embroidery and textile artist based in Vantaa, Finland, since 2020. She creates one-of-a-kind hand-stitched artworks using threads and hand-modified textiles. Polina holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from SPbSTUPP (2007-2012). In 2022, she was featured in Vogue Scandinavia magazine, and in 2023, an interview with Polina was featured in Embroidery Magazine (UK). In 2020, she wrote a book about 3D embroidery that was published by EKSMO.

In her work, Polina pushes the boundaries of ancient techniques by implementing new materials and mixing embroidery with acrylic paint to achieve various surfaces and effects.

IG: @polalab
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