an exhibition by Lotta Blomberg, Hilla Kurki & Judit Flóra Schuller

VERNISSAGE 30.9 Fri 6–9pm

According to one of the lexical meanings, landscape is the category of aesthetic subject matter in which natural scenery is represented. In their group exhibition ‘Land Transformed’, Lotta Blomberg, Hilla Kurki and Judit Flóra Schuller are investigating the boundaries of traditional landscape representation and questioning the aesthetical layer that is strongly related to the genre of landscape. Hilla Kurki reconstructs the already existing natural sceneries into aesthetical landscapes, meanwhile Lotta Blomberg and Judit Flóra Schuller create their own ‘mindscapes’ by transforming immaterial entities into landscape images.

In her work ‘Romantic Lumpscape’ Lotta Blomberg deals with the connection between weather condition, landscape, human body and emotions. She is interested in the creation of romantic landscape pictures without showing the actual scenery. Blomberg constructed a multi­channel video work, wherein she delineates how weather conditions can represent immaterial human emotions that fundamentally resonate with the body.

Hilla Kurki ’s work ‘4500 km’ is an effort to capture the detachment one undergoes whilst driving through unfamiliar terrain. It is passivity in the face that sometimes almost sublimes beauty; an unsuccessful effort to connect and even control one’s surroundings. The video consists of short clips that were shot with a smartphone while travelling 4500 kilometres in the American Southwest.

In her project ‘Sky Observations’ Judit Flóra Schuller created photogram skyscapes on instant film with the aid of colourful transparent papers. In reality, these photographic images – even though they depict certain phases of the sky, such as sunset or the phenomenon of northern light – have no extent in time neither in space. They are constructed images, illusions of the sky, born in the darkroom. Schuller also associated her private skyscapes with real locations and dates by so doing they have become the carriers of a memory that has never existed.
Exhibition is supported by Lappset.
Drinks provided by BrewDog.

Special thanks to Aalto University’s Photography department.