Seven videos from my trips in Italy, Spain, Norway, US, and Germany:

SENSO UNICO 2001© , 44 min.
OSLO 2001© , 25 min.
ONE FISH – MANY FISH 2002© , 25 min.
CLEANERS 2002© , 22 min.
THE GRAVE OF ANDY WARHOL 2002© , 26 min.
DOCUMENTA 11 KASSEL 2002© , 36 min.

27.06. 2001, I went to Italy, Como, Fondazione Ratti, Corso Superiore Di Arte Visiva. Professor of the course was Marina Abramovic. I made an installation – SWEET LIFE – ONE WAY STREET/LA DOLCE VITA – SENSO UNICO 2001©. After the one month course, i took the train to the mecca of fine- and high-art, Venice and filmed – LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA 2001©. I had only few days to stay in Venice, but I got to live in a palace. In the last day I had to run to the train and pick up my bags from Como and take the only train of the day from Milan to Barcelona. My interrail ticket was expiring in the same day. The journey continued for one month to Barcelona and to the joyful festival in Benicassim, which I also filmed with Tuomas and Minna. In Barcelona my bag got stolen along with few good records (Massive Attac Protection), calendar, camera, passport. I first lived in Marjos schools place. After one week we got the H‰meen l‰‰nis artist house. From its top balcon! y we could see Sagrada Familia every morning. I quickly visited Helsinki and had a show with Tuomas in the schools gallery – IT¥S A QUESTION OF COLD BLOOD 2001©. Then I moved to Oslo as a student for norwegian artist Olav Christopher Jenssen. The trip to Oslo lasted 30h and I had money for a chocolate and two sodas. My friend Lars was welcoming me along with his friend Thorbj¯rn, whose second wifes apartment I first lived (miljonaire from Monaco). The fun time started, in which I lived for four moths doing mosaic for telenor with ok dollars – OSLO 2001©. I was to go directly from Oslo to the States, but the Us embassy denied my visa. I had to come for one month back in Helsinki and then I went to Pensylvania, Pittsburgh to Carnegie Mellon University the same school that Andy warhol went to. There I did three videos. First I hanged out with the kids from the school and told a story where this cricket cannot get what he hopes for – ONE FISH – MANY FISH 2002©. T! hen I interviewed the cleaners of the university, who in numbe! rs are 200, the same amount as in my school there are students and like a bit of contrast to the white majority of the students – CLEANERS 2002©. Then I tried to uncover the big artistic myth Andy Warhol and its relation to today. He was from poor background 50 meters from where I lived. He went his highschool with american blacks, got a lucky strike (had a stipendium for college), went to Nyc, painted and hassled and then he filmed some guys on drugs and became famous – THE GRAVE OF ANDY WARHOL 2002©. I came back to Helsinki. Helsinki City Art Museum had our videos on in A party in every room. Then i went to Minna in Berlin to act the mainrole in her film as a nerd guy who kills an evil corporate boss. We visited Kassel – DOCUMENTA 11 KASSEL 2002©. Back in Helsinki 29.06.2002.