An exhibition by Collective Intelligence



18.9.2018 18.00-22.00 With performance by guest artist Vishnu Vardhani Rajan.


-Saturday 22.9 at 18:00-22:00 performance evening with Saša Nemec, Timo Tuhkanen and Egle Oddo.
-Sunday 23.9 at 12:30 – 17:00 open brunch and impro interactions.
The artist group Collective Intelligence will show part of their on-going artistic process during one week in Helsinki at Myymälä2 gallery. This initiative is organised in collaboration with Pixelache Helsinki and Fondazione Orestiadi.

The show features a series of works realised between Finland, Germany and Sicily, in occasion of the artists’ participation to Manifesta12, and during their group residency at Fondazione Orestiadi. Their process will continue in October during the Il Traffico project as part of Manifesta’s 5x5x5 program.

The title of the exhibition, Growing a Language, uses the word growing as opposed to developing because it wants to contest the idea of development in its entirety. Urban development for instance often excludes plants, animals, and other biological and emotional factors from its planning and implementation. The act of growing a common language implies the amplification of the relations between different creatures and their environments, being critical towards the typical rational mode of developing systems and realizing dreams.

The common discourse on sonic, visual, conceptual, or text based approach, emerges from the different subjectivities, entangling and enlightening the intersections of the artists’ practices.


Collective Intelligence is a series of deep-dive sessions lasting up to one month; they are encounters where artists, thinkers and activists work on parallel and shared projects, influencing each other in a convivial frame. It started in 2016. The participants living and working in Finland, Germany, Slovenia and Italy, have formed a group based on their long experience with trans-disciplinary projects.
Collective Intelligence participants in 2017-18 are: Antti Ahonen (FI), Ionas Amelung (DE), Alan Bulfin (IE/FI), Johanna Fredriksson (FI), Jytte Hill (DE), Erika De Martino (IT/FI), Saša Nemec (SI/FI), Egle Oddo (IT/FI), Marjatta Oja (FI), Timo Tuhkanen (FI).

Antti Ahonen is a documentarist and a media artist. At present he tests different technological tools that have been used to communicate with ghosts.

Ionas Amelung is a filmmaker based in Hamburg, Germany. He works on fictional and documentary projects.

Alan Bulfin is an artist working with public and conceptual art. His recent research is called When Nothing Makes a Difference.

Johanna Fredriksson is a project manager and producer. She has been one of the initiators of Collective Intelligence.

Jytte Hill is a film director and cinematographer. Her works in fiction, documentary, and art projects are shown on international film festivals.

Erika De Martino is an architect and visual artist. With photography she builds spaces following a site-specific approach.

Saša Nemec is an artist who designs actions and events based on repair as means of mending broken relationships and community building.

Egle Oddo is an artist interested in operational realism meant as the inter- relations between the functional sphere and its aesthetic arrangement.

Marjatta Oja is an artist working with situation sculpture. She combines photography, video and objects to infuse the image with depth and liveliness.

Timo Tuhkanen is a queer composer, artist, poet, and activist. His work intersect between contemporary art and music.


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