asking questions is good. always good.
but why are you asking me these questions??

you already know the answer.

the truth can never be told [especially in english goddamnit!]
it can never be told, it must be discovered
be very nervous of people who say they are telling the truth
all the words you ever hear are lies
not because people are evil, but because they don’t know any better
the truth? its in your head. i mean that shit.

you cant tell the truth. but you’ll be able to know it and live in it.
and thats afukkingblast..the reason for living

AKAYISM IS altering your sleep patterns

AKAYISM IS redefining crime

AKAYISM IS as natural as jerking off first thing in the morning

AKAYISM IS a power no one took seriously and now a force to be reckoned with

AKAYISM IS skills you havent even seen yet

AKAYISM IS teaching your little sister how to spit

AKAYISM IS making the streets a safer place

AKAYISM IS shit you already know, we’re just here to remind you

its important to remember what you learn

and don’t believe all the bullshit