Orvokki & Ippis Halme

‘Together’ is a joint exhibition of Ippis Halme, mother, and Orvokki Halme, daughter.

Ippis was born and raised in Helsinki. She attended Middlesex Polytechnic in London in the late 1960’s, getting a degree in 3-dimensional design in ceramics. Although she studied ceramics, she has mainly done drawing with pen, ink, and colored pencil since then, along with some collage. It was in her 20’s that she developed the style of intricate, decorative drawing which still makes up her visual vocabulary. It still flows out of her like writing. For the past 29 years she has lived with her husband and two daughters in the States. This show comprises her two dimensional work from the 1960’s plus some recent work from today.

Orvokki is currently 25 years old and was born and raised in the States. She attended North Carolina State University, getting two degrees in Art & Design and Textile Technology. She currently lives and works in Helsinki.
This show comprises Orvokki’s recent drawings on old maps and papers, plus some work in collage. Since finishing college, she has mainly been doing such work and is just beginning to come into her own style, perhaps.

This joint show was originally Orvokki’s desire and idea. There are natural parallels in their work since they are a similarly-thinking duo. They have and continue to inspire one another in life and artwork. Orvokki is in the same shoes now, as Ippis once was.